The Little Fishes and Ducklings and Sharks classes take place in the quiet surroundings of the Truro Prep School.  The pool itself is purpose built for teaching younger children water confidence and ability; its warm water is ideal for babies, toddlers and children as it is kept at between 30-34 degrees.

Little Fishes classes have an age range of 4 months to 3 years with two age groups (4-12 months & 1-3 years) to develop social interaction between both children and parents.  In these classes, Mum or Dad is required to be in the water with the child throughout and will play an integral part of the learning and confidence building process through the guidance of our swimming teachers who are in the water throughout. The Ducklings classes are smaller groups of children between 3-4 years of age build on their own confidence, water skills, and entering the water alone (albeit with one of our qualified and experienced teachers) while Mum or Dad watch from the side! Little Sharks have an age range of 4-6 to develop safe entries into the water and to continue to learn how to float and travel in the water using aids. The classes are small groups of children, who have learnt basic skills and water confidence. The aim of little sharks is to teach children to eventually swim unaided with a basic knowledge of technique. All classes involve learning through play so the children enjoy the lessons but are also mentally stimulated. If you would like more information about our classes please contact us by: Email: Telephone: 01872 246050

Day Teacher Age Time Availability
Monday Amy 1-2 years 09:15 Space
Amy 2-3 years 09:45 Limited Space
Jay 4-6 years (Stage 1) 16:15  FULL
TBC 4-6 years (Stage 1) 16:15
Jay 4-6 years(Stage 2) 16:45 FULL
TBC 4-6 years(Stage 2) 16:45  
Jay 4-6 years(Stage 3) 17:15  FULL
Tuesday Julia 2-3 years 10:45 FULL
Julia 1-2 years 11:15 Limited Space
Julia 4-12 months 11:45 Space
Wednesday Julia 4-12 months 09:15 Space
Julia 1-2 years 09:45 Limited Space
Thursday Julia 4 months- 4 years 09:00  Space
Julia 1-2 years 09:30   Space
Julia 3-4 years 10:00 Space
Amy 3-4 years 11:00 Limited Space
Amy 2-3 years 11:30 Space
Saturday Drop-ins Any 11:30-13:00 Term time only

If you have any queries in the meantime please Email:

If you are unsure on which class would suit your child. Please refer to the Swim England Stages: and choose the most appropriate class.

Drop Ins: This is an open pool with access to all of the toys from poolside! Practice what you learn in your lessons or show your partner how well your little ones swimming is improving! Phone the SBA prior to attending to confirm the session is running.   Prices: £5 x 1 adult & 1 child £6.50 x 2 adults & 1 child (or 1 adult & 2 children) £8 x 2 adults & 2 children

We are now taking bookings from new parents. If you would like to start swimming with us from January please complete and return the registration form below:

Term Times 

Spring Term 2020: Monday 6th January – Saturday 15th February (6 weeks) £34.50

Spring Term 2020: Monday 24th February- Saturday 28th March (5 weeks) £28.75